A new volunteer campaign to promote the Collège seeks enthusiastic advocates and welcoming venues!

In Fall 2009 the AACC (Association for Alumni of the Collège Cévenol) developed a new poster as a part of a project to promote and encourage awareness of the Collège. Designed by Roland Mayer and Vincent Monod, the new poster has been approved by the President and the Director of the Collège, and confirmed for distribution on April 17.

Thus the AACC is launching a campaign to distribute the poster and publicize the Collège as widely as possible. All of us can (and should?) contribute to this effort, if only by putting up one poster in an effective spot. Or 10. Or 100.

How will we do this?

3 formats of the poster are available for downloading on this site:
- Image version: for posting or attaching electronically on your blogs, websites, facebook pages, forwarding with emails, and so on.
- A4 format version: suitable for printing medium-resolution hard copies from your own printer. .
- A2 version: suitable for printing high-resolution hard copies in larger formats.

The objectives of this campaign are:
--To inform the public about the Collège, its history, and the opportunities it offers;
--To remind those already aware of the Collège of its current activities;
--To generate new awareness and contacts for enrollment;
--To encourage communication with new contacts occasioned by the poster.

Go forth, print, and multiply!

Click on the format you prefer and print out as many as you like.
Put them up anywhere they may be effective: in schools and clubs, French departments, any kind of social or educational institution, churches, mosques, and synagogues, your own office or your bathroom at home (just so no one can escape), in your car’s rear window, at the local Alliance Française or other francophone institutions abroad, at the local organic co-op… Modesty will do us no good in this project, so no effort, however limited, will be useless. Hundreds and, who knows, thousands of us can join in this effort. The sum of our collective efforts is what will make the project successful. We’re confident that our efforts will be successful, so please join in, spread the word, and contribute to making this a world-wide campaign.

Let’s see your handiwork!

You can enter a contest on this site: take a picture of your posting, tell us your stories about it (no doubt you will have plenty), share some of the (positive!) responses you meet with in spreading the word, etc. The comments thread (below) is open to all comers (and all languages!) and you can also submit photos and comments by email.

And finally, if you meet prospective students who can’t wait to register, then click here! !

Thanks to Philip Barnard for the translation