“Promote the Collège, "Affichons le Collège", is a charitable campaign intended to publicize the Collège Cévenol as widely as possible and to spread information about it to potential new students and others who may be interested in the school’s history, mission, and future.
The campaign has been organized by the Alumni Association of the Collège Cévenol (the Association des Anciens du C.C., or AACC). The school’s former students constitute an international community committed to supporting and participating in its ongoing activities. The Collège Cévenol is a historic and unique educational institution, founded in 1938, which has always affirmed education based on values of peace, tolerance, and non-violence. For over 70 years, it has enrolled students from around the world. The school is located in Chambon-sur-Lignon, a village in the département of Haute-Loire in southern France, that is renowned for its sheltering and protection of refugees and has been honored as “Just Among Nations” for the actions of its citizens during World War Two.
Because Cévenol is completely independent and sustained only by its network of friends and administrative or alumni associations, the school needs your help in order to attract new students and others who may be interested in becoming part of its rich history and community.
To help with this publicity effort, the AACC has produced a new poster which is available in several languages. You are cordially invited to distribute the poster as widely as possible on websites, social networks, and by email, or to print out hard copies for display in schools, churches, or wherever else it may be effective.
Please let us know about the results of your efforts by sending us news or photos of the posters wherever you put them up!
With thanks and best wishes,

Laurent Pasteur,
President, AACC